Springtime brings the need for maintenance and tune-ups. Here are the main things to focus on:

  • Get the oil and filters changed as needed;
  • Tune-up the engine to ensure it is working at its best. This includes having belts checked and also the engine coolant;
  • Have your car battery tested and replaced, if necessary;
  • Have the air conditioning tested;
  • Swap out your winter tires and rotate them if needed;
  • Check tire pressure and tread, replace tires if they no longer hold air properly or there isn’t sufficient tread remaining;
  • Refill transmission fluid if needed and check the brake fluid;
  • Replace your wiper blades (if needed) and refill wiper fluid;
  • Double-check the brakes;
  • Clean your lights and make sure all lighting systems, both on the exterior and interior of the car, are working properly;

These tips will enhance the safety and function of your vehicle!

If you drive an electric vehicle, first of all, congratulations on doing that. You can skip oil the change and engine check, but make sure you do all the required checkups by your brand or manufacturer, which usually are really simple and easy to do things for electric vehicles.

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