Technology advances so fast and auto manufacturers are including so many tech-related features to new cars that you sometimes feel like in those sci-fi movies we used to watch not so long ago.

Driving an older vehicle can feel like missing out all those cool and fancy infotainment systems that are compatible with your gadgets and other features. But most of them are really just something that you can upgrade very easily at an affordable price, considering that it will make your life EASIER and most importantly SAFER!

Here’s a list of accessories we think will TRANSFORM YOUR EVERYDAY EXPERIENCE with your older car into feeling like you drive a brand new one!

1 Bluetooth FM Transmitters

Did you know that 1 out of 4 car accidents in the US is caused by cell phones? While most new cars are coming with Bluetooth and phone integrations, there are still many vehicles out there that miss this feature. Luckily there are many high-quality Bluetooth FM Transmitters & Car Kits compatible with most vehicles and with different styles so you can find one to match the interior of your car but most importantly to make driving safer!

2. Alexa

Get your favorite assistant with you in your ride with these Alexa-enabled USB car chargers from ROAV or the Muse Auto Alexa-enabled voice assistant. They are great for navigation, voice initiated calls, reminders, and music or audiobook streaming.

3. Dash cams

Having a dashboard camera is mostly for security purposes. You can also use it to record a nice road trip or snap a fast picture of that perfect sunset you see driving down the highway. Here are our favorite models:

4. Car chargers

You need to be ready all the time to juice up your phone or tablet even in your car. These QC 3.0 fast chargers will do the job perfectly and there are very affordable. Our top choices are from Anker & Aukey.

5. Phone mounts with wireless charging

We wanted to include in our list some aftermarket navigation systems. But we all know they are still not as good & easy to use as Google or Apple Maps on our smartphones. So instead let’s take a look at some mounts with wireless charging included, 2 in 1, heck yeah.

6. Regular phone mounts

If you are looking just for a regular phone mount, or if you have a phone without wireless charging, we got you covered too. We really like the magnetic car mounts, they are very subtle and don’t take up too much space.


If you have more than 2 or 3 devices that you need to connect to the cigarette lighter socket, you will probably need a splitter. There are a few handy ones that are including fast charging USB ports too.

There you go, you are all set to hit the road, safer & smarter. And don’t forget to enjoy not just the destination, but the journey too, it only happens once! 🙂


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