1. Byton M-Byte

Not much has changed since Byton introduced the M-Byte concept back in 2018, you might remember its absolutely massive 48-inch curved display screen. And yeees, that screen has made it into production, it’s the largest display ever fitted to a production car. You will be able to control the main screen from either the 7-inch screen on the steering wheel or the 8-inch screen from the center console.

There have reportedly been over 50,000 reservations worldwide for the M-Byte so far. You can reserve yours on their webpage, deliveries will start next year in China. The cheapest version of this ‘Premium Smart Electric SUV’ as Byton calls it starts at $50.000, which is not as outrageous as you might expect, considering it will be a great Model X competitor.

2. Geely Geometry A

There’s not much to say about the performance of this Chinese sedan EV, it’s far behind his American rival. With 161bhp and 184lb ft of torque, it hits 0-62mph (0-100kmh) in 8.8s, with a top speed of 93mph (150kmh), but the battery life it’s great even in the standard version. Prices start around $30.000.

Interesting with a clean design and interior, with three-millimeter wave radars, 6 cameras, 12 ultrasonic radars, a rear-collision warning system, and roof-weight compression capacities that exceed Euro NCAP standards, the Geely Geometry A is loaded with tech and will probably have great success for his target audience.

3. Nio ES6

Starting at around $50.000, the Nio ES6 can reach up to 510km (317miles) of range and a top speed of 200kmh (124miles), dual motors, and with Nomi (Nio’s Alexa & Siri car equivalent), this electric SUV it’s loaded with tech. The ES6 is available with either a 70 or an 84kWh battery pack.

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