The Tesla Model 3 is an amazing electric car, with so many features, a great range, autopilot, awesome infotainment and many more. Considering the affordable price and the low cost of ownership even non-EV people cannot ignore it anymore and are thinking about getting rid of their ICE car and start driving an electric vehicle.
While being a great overall car, there are a few things that can make the Model 3 experience even better!
In this article, we are going to take a look at the best interior accessories that will make the Model 3 from great to perfect. For a list of EXTERIOR ACCESSORIES, you can check out this article. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

All-Weather Floor Mats

Perfect for rainy and winter days, great for avoiding dirt and spills. Easy to wash and clean. They are cut perfectly for the Model 3 and you can use them on top of the existing ones or separately.

All-Weather Trunk & Frunk Mat

Easy to use and clean, these will probably save you from a lot of extra cleaning.

Pedal Covers

These aluminum non-slip pedal covers are a great touch for the Tesla Model 3.

Door Seal Protector

Some extra care and touch for a more premium feeling.

Door Lock Cover Protector

Make your car more minimalist and protect it from rust damage.

Seat Covers

Get a fresh look while also protecting the original seats, available in a few different color and pattern variations.

Armrest cover

Protect the center console armrest with a cover while also upgrading the interior style.

Logo Puddle & Interior Lights

The original lights are not very bright and many owners decide to upgrade them. For the puddle lights the reviews are kinda mixed, so decide for yourself. You can also upgrade your Tesla Model 3 with some interior neon-like LED multi-color strips that plugin straight to the cigarette lighter.

Key Card Holder

Useful if you use the key card more frequently than your phone.

Key Card Holder & Key Fob Chain

Never lose your key fob or key card and protect them from scratches and accidental drops.

Console Wraps

The original glossy black console is a fingerprint and dust magnet, also the reflection of the sun at certain angles on the glossy surface turns out to be dangerous and blinding, says many Model 3 owners. You can try a matrix black or carbon fiber console wrap. If you have the white interior make it match to a white satin wrap. Or just go with a classic and minimalist matte black.

Other Wraps (Dashboard, Window Switch & Door Panel, Steering Wheel)

For those who want to go all matte or just protect the rest of the surfaces, there are a few useful wraps.

“Door Open” Decal Sticker

If you drive a Model 3 you are probably familiar using the following phrase “Push the top button to open the door”. While this is a small detail it can be really useful mostly for Uber or Lyft drivers.

Foldable Sun Shade

Minimizing battery usage in an EV is really important. Don’t let the fan kick in every time you leave the car out in the sun with this foldable sunshade. It’s a must-have during summer or if you live in a hot climate. You can take it to the next level with a Starman & Elon sunshade or a smashed Cybertruck window style. If you need more, there’s a pack of two for the top and rear window too.

Center Console Organizers

Organize your stuff in your car like a boss with these custom made console organizers, and don’t waste any more time looking and searching for everything.

Cup Holder, Console & Door Inserts

If you’re not looking forward to a console organizer you might like some inserts, easy to take out and clean, might save you a lot of precious time from cleaning the cupholders.

Glove Box & Paperwork Organizers

You can actually fit a lot in a glove box if you know how and if you have the proper organizers so it doesn’t look like a messy drawer.

Sun Visor Organizer & Sun Glass Holder

The Model 3 doesn’t come with a sunglass holder near the visor as many other cars do, so you might find this handy.

Phone Mount

If you don’t want to attach it to the windshield and want to keep the minimalist interior you can do that with his phone mount, which suctions to the back of the screen and snakes around, terminating in a magnet where you can clip your phone to. There is also a mount that comes on top of the screen and it also includes some extra storage on the back. Or you can mount your phone behind the steering wheel with a much more minimalist mount and also fix one of the biggest flaws of the Model 3, the missing dash.

Wireless Phone Charger

If you’re using a phone with wireless charging capabilities it’s probably way more convenient a wireless charger than always plugging and unplugging it.

Regular Phone & Gadget Chargers (USB-A & USB-C)

Fast charge your tablet, e-reader or other gadgets while on the go.

USB Splitter or USB Hub & USB-C to USB-A Adapter

If you need to connect more than 2 USB devices or in case your devices are USB-C you might need these.

Flash Drive or SSD for Sentry Mode and Dash Cam

A high-quality flash drive with enough space is a must-have for sentry mode. If you need more storage and faster performance think about an SSD, the Samsung T5 is sleeker and smaller but the Sandisk Extreme Portable is more rugged and can easily survive a drop or even an accident, saving your footage for sure.

Game Controller

Why nobody else is talking about this? How many automakers do you know that offer well known classic and great video games in their car? Yeah exactly, so why not enjoy them properly with a game controller while waiting at a supercharger. You might need two if you want to play multiplayer with somebody else. If you have a PS4 or Xbox One, you might use those controllers in your Tesla.

Interior Camera Cover

Wait what? Many Model 3 owners are not even aware of the small interior camera above the rearview mirror. The camera is not yet active and was installed for future use but if you’re the kind of person that doesn’t like to have a camera pointed at you all the time, there is an easy and fast fix using a regular webcam cover.

Screen Protector & Cleaner

I think that we can agree that this is the most important part of the interior, so it’s a good idea to protect and keep it clean all the time.

Cordless Radar Detector

Might save you from getting a speeding ticket.

Interior Cleaner and Auto Vacuum

Keep your dashboard, doors, center console, and the rest of your interior nice and shiny all the time. The vacuum is great for wet surfaces too and it has a built-in flashlight so you can see all the dark corners.

Trash Can & Trunk Organizers

Keep your vehicle clean and organized with these specially designed items for the Model 3. The trunk side dividers are a must-have!

Trunk & Frunk Soundproof Mat

Custom-designed trunk and frunk soundproof mat specifically for the Tesla Model 3. Reduces cabin noise while also making the car look more premium.

Trunk Hook

This hook helps you to attach grocery bags to it so they don’t fly around. You can install it in a couple of seconds as it screws right into an existing exposed bolt.

Inflatable Air Mattress

There are many advantages of traveling with an electric car, for example you can keep the AC on without leaving a noisy engine running, oh and also you can watch Netflix or play some games before getting some rest. It’s useful for camping, long trips, hiking or even festivals.

Rear Seat Pet Cover

If you are a dog owner, you’re probably already looking for this one.

Seat Back Kickmats

Useful for keeping the back of the seats clean and scratch-free.

Spare Tire Kit or Flat Tire Repair Kit

We are not sure if this should be included in the “interior accessories” article or in the “exterior” one, so we just left it for the end. One thing we are sure about that this is an important one considering that the Model 3 doesn’t come with a spare tire. If you have good insurance and you don’t travel outside of your country, most likely you will not need this.

BONUS: Elon Musk Air Freshener
(for the memes of course)

The little nerd and meme lord in you needs this.

BONUS EXTRA for reaching to the end of the article!
Bookmark the following sites in your Model 3!
We will let you discover them yourself, you’ll thank us later! Cheers! ?

1 – https://abetterrouteplanner.com/
2 – https://abettertheater.com/
3 – https://applauncher.site/
4 – https://qtes.la/
5 – https://fast.com/
6 – https://teslapage.com/
7 – https://motherfrunker.ca/app/
8 – https://teslawaze.azurewebsites.net/
9 – https://old.reddit.com/r/teslamotors/
10 – http://www.kinetic.com/teslascreens/

Would you add something else to this list?
Let us know in the comments below!

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