Today we are going to take a look at the best selling and must have Model 3 exterior accessories. There are many aftermarket accessories available right now on the market that are very easy to use and install that we think you will love.
We already checked out the BEST INTERIOR ACCESSORIES in our previous article, if you didn’t check it out yet, you can do it here. So in this article, we are going to focus only on the exterior part of the Tesla Model 3.
If you like the small details and love to do the minor tweaks that are usually making the big difference you can very easily take your Model 3 look and experience to the next level! So let’s jump into it.

Chrome Delete Kit

Guess what’s the first thing Model 3 owners do when getting their car? Yeah exactly, getting rid of the chrome parts with a chrome delete kit, good thing the Model Y comes all blacked out. You have a few options here, you can go with matte, satin or gloss black.

Noise Reduction Kit

The best aftermarket add-on you can get for $30 that will improve the comfort of your car and make it feel more premium. It will also keep your Model 3 dust and dirt free too.

Front License Plate Holder

No holes, no adhesives and most importantly no drilling. This USA built and patented design attaches firmly to the front of the vehicle without damaging it.

Mud Flaps

Available in black or white, these will protect the paint job from mud, sand, salt and other debris found on the roads.

Spoiler Trunk Lip

The Model 3 has a big flow regarding the trunk opening, this is especially irritating for people that live in rainy or colder climates. It seems like Tesla tried to fix this issue starting with the 2020 Model 3, in which they made the gap wider compared to the previous model years, which came out to be better but still not perfect. If you own a pre-2020 model or want to get completely rid of this issue, you can stop water and snow dripping into your trunk when opening it with this small spoiler that will also improve the overall stability at high speeds and even the looks of your car.

Door Handle Wrap Kit

You can choose to wrap the door handles in some classic carbon fiber or matte black textures. Or for a more minimalist look wrap them in the color of your car!

Charging Port and Side Light Wrap

You can go full carbon fiber style with this combo.

Side Light Trim

If you want to cover up the Tesla logo too while also going with real carbon fiber instead of a wrap, you can use these.

Rear & Front Side Quarter Window “Vents”

Stand out from the crowd with these carbon fiber style cover vents for the front and rear side quarter window. It’s also a great solution to solve the break-in from the back quarter window.

Mirror Covers

Ok, this is the last carbon fiber add-on we are showing you, and it’s also probably the last thing you’ll need to go full carbon fiber style on the exterior. PS: real carbon fiber also available.

Logo Decal Wrap Kit

Depending on what are you looking for you have a few options here too, go full stealth mode with your car’s color or stand out with some red logos.

Model 3 Car Cover

Keep your Tesla Model 3 protected with a cover that offers UV protection, wind, dust and scratch protection too.

Front Bumper Spoiler & Fog Light Trim

Are you looking forward to making the front end of your Tesla more aggressive? You can try these two accessories. Just note that if your car is already lowered, the front lip spoiler might be too much.

Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler

If you don’t have the performance model but you want to upgrade the exterior looks of your Model 3 you can do it with this real carbon fiber spoiler. If the original spoiler is too small for your taste, there is a slightly bigger one with a slightly different design. But if you want to take it to the next level you can try the bigger wing spoiler.

Cabin Air Filter, Intake Filter & Air Flow Vent Cover

Keep your Tesla’s air clean and get rid of the bad AC smell. The air intake filter can get easily covered by leaves and dust so why not protect it with an easy to install cover.

Wheel Sound Deadening Mat

Custom designed to fit perfectly for the Model 3, it promises to reduce the road noise significantly.

Aero Wheel Cover Storage Bag

Store and protect your aero wheel covers from scratches. It has 4 separate compartments with dividers so it holds the covers securely while carrying them.

Aero Wheel Cap Kit

In case you are missing any of these. Available in a few different color combos.

Caliper Covers

Give your Model 3 a “big brake” race-ready look that will turn heads.

Jack Pad Pucks

If you like to do your own rotation and inspection, make sure you don’t damage the battery pack or chassis of your Model 3, don’t lift the car without these attached to the jack.

Charging Cable Organizer

Keep your charging cable organized with this wall mount holder.

Flow Forged Wheel Sets

19″ flow forged wheels specially designed for the Tesla Model 3, it fits the factory 19″ tires.

Wheel Touch Up Paint

While this is not the perfect solution for your curb rashed wheel, it’s a much easier and cheaper fix than a professional wheel repair specialist.

Wheel Bands

Protect the rims with some easy to install wheel bands., while also upgrading the exterior look. If you’re washing your car in automated tunnel car washes note that the rails might tear them off.

Hubcaps (18″)

The fastest and easiest way to change the overall look of your car, available in several different colors and also in carbon fiber style too.

Automatic Trunk & Frunk Lift Supports

These will actually pup up the frunk and trunk all the way as many owners think it should be from the factory. But be aware that they will also be harder to close.

Frunk & Trunk Soundproof Mats

Add a more finished, premium and minimalist look while also reducing the cabin noise with these custom designed mats for your M3.

Automatic Tail Gate

This was a well-requested feature that didn’t make it to the production of the vehicle, probably for cost savings and also to simplify the manufacturing processes. Good thing that the Model Y comes standard with this. If you are looking to upgrade your Model 3 with an automatic tailgate, now you can, decide for yourself if it’s worth the upgrade. There are two options, the standard electric tailgate, and the one with the “foot kick” option.

Car Wash Kit & Wash Glove

Do you like occasionally taking care of your car?

Spare Tire Kit or Flat Tire Repair Kit

We are not sure if this should be included in the “interior accessories” article or in the “exterior” one, so we just left it for the end. One thing we are sure about that this is an important one considering that the Model 3 doesn’t come with a spare tire. If you have good insurance and you don’t travel outside of your country, most likely you will not need this.

BONUS: Tesla Model 3 blueprint for your garage, home or gift for an M3 owner

This Leonardo da Vinci style high-quality blueprint is a unique addition to any Model 3 fan’s garage or home. Adding a frame bumps this into the $50 price range, but makes it an awesome gift.

BONUS EXTRA for reaching to the end of the article!
We’ve gathered a list of the most useful Tesla Model 3 apps for you!
We will let you discover them yourself, you’ll thank us later! Cheers! ?

1 – A Better Routeplanner (ABRP)
iOS, Android

2 – SentryView & TeslaCam
iOS, Android

3 – TezLab
iOS, Android

4 – Lifestyle for Tesla
iOS, Android

5 – Plugshare
iOS, Android

6 – Volta Charging
iOS, Android

7 – Stats (only for iOS)

8 – Remote for Tesla (only for iOS)

Would you add something else to this list?
Let us know in the comments below!

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georges999 · March 10, 2020 at 3:15 pm

Wow great stuff thanks, are u going to keep the list updated?

    PlusXpres · March 10, 2020 at 10:14 pm

    Hi there and thank you for your appreciation. Yes sure, we gonna keep an eye on it so we make sure it’s up to date, and also add new and interesting items we come across. If you have any ideas or tips for something you use or find useful, you can let us know and we are going to include it in the article. Thanks a lot and have a great day! 😉

Patrick Brennan · March 18, 2020 at 12:04 am

Tech Forum on their YouTube channel sells a great adjustable screen mount. I bought it and love it but have no connection with them at all.

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